Local Businesses Support Kelly

   Alexander Pollon Photography

   Chea's Pilates Evolved

   Lozano's Family Jewelry

   Locomotive Design

   Lydia Gable Realty Group

   Westlake Athletic Club

   Winters Financial Group


Westlake Village Residents Support Kelly

   Bill and Kym Breszki

   Eric and Amy Brink

   John and Marnie Cahill

   Rich and Theresa Cusolito

   Kyle and Laura Davies

   Lou and Wendy Guerrero

   Sher Hann - Coldwell Banker Real Estate

   Steve and Siobhan Horton

   Michael and Lisa Lang

   Linda Menges - candidate for LVUSD School Board

   Tami Miller - White Oak PFC President

   John O’Meara - Agoura Hills Panning Commissioner and

   candidate for Agoura Hills City Council

   Mike and Sara Muir

   Debbie Silberberg

   Paul and Diane Sondreaal

   Rick and Janice Winters